The Bio-Diversity Farmland is a project of Wolaitta Development Association in cooperation with the local farmers in Ampo Koysha in Southern Ethiopia. It is a densely populated area where land is subject to erosion due to exhaustive landuse.

Hands-on Training for local farmers

The model farm is a learning school for local farmers. They learn about sustainable agriculture, making exhausted land fertile again with irrigation techniques and composting. Other improvements will be the production of Bio-fuel as a by-product of compost, animal fattening, beekeeping, fruit and tree conservation. Main aims of this project are to change the farmers behavior towards using their land and the  environment in a more durable way. The outcome will be more efficient and durable farming in the region, improved harvests and enriched diets for the families, less malnutrition and less poverty.

Activities of the Training Centre

On the model farm the farmers get hands-on training how to turn exhausted land into fertile land, using sustainable bio-diverse techniques:
Irrigation, composting, bio-gas production, fattening cattle, bee keeping and honey production, tree preservation, efficient fruit and vegetables cultivation.
In 2019 they want to extend the farm with a model fish pond for sustainable fish production.


Project team  Working the land

 Project team, showing the land being worked.

degraded land  land after irrigation

                         Left: Degraded land.                                        Right: Land after irrigation

  Farmer  animal fattening

Above: Animal fattening by farmer in barn. Under: composting and bio-gas as a by-product

Composting  bio-gas production

beekeeping beekeeping

Beekeeping and honey production.

Efficent crop production fruit production

Efficient crop production, fruits and tree conservation.

 Future Fishpond

Plan for a model Fishpond

In 2019 they want to extend the farm with a model fish pond for sustainable fish production. This will be an example how locals can enrich their diet with high protein food.

The project leaders have asked our help with finding a fund for the construction of the fishpond. Contact us for more information about the project plan and the needed budget. 


Contributions for the Farm

This project is published on the PIFWORLD website and has received support of different funders:

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Your Contribution is used for the purchase of tools and seeds for agriculture and to expand the model farm with a model fish pond.